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Целых 6 курсов Андрея Канакина - узнать подробности
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by Nina Tarasova & Andrey Kanakin

21-24 november
Online live class 

"Christmas desserts and

chocolate decoration"

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Price 650$ 

Schedule: 21-24 november 18:00 pm to 23:00 pm Moscow
(time zone GTM+3 Moscow, Russia)


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Course description:

We would like to present you a master-class that has never been seen before and which we are proud to present in our Pastry school-laboratory PASTRY.PRO: Аour-day course оf two chefs - Nina Tarasova (International Pastry Chef) and Andrey Kanakin (Gold Winner in selection in Russia World Chocolate Masters) - "Christmas desserts and chocolate decoration"!


In these four days:

- You will plunge into a Christmas fairy tale full of incredible desserts with flavors of mulled wine, spices, citrus and delicious liqueurs;
- Get deep theoretical and practical knowledge, starting from the basics of creating desserts and ending with modern technologies in the world of confectionery art;
- Discover the world of chocolate - you will learn how to create a unique composition, with the technique of sculpting and working with this beautiful product. There will be a lot of deep theory and assembly of the composition from the very beginning to the end.

In these four days, we have invested a large program on modern cakes and pastries, as well as the course "Chocolatier".

The program of the course:

Buche de noel "Drunk apple"

Composition: almond sponge cake "daquoise"; pate praline; panna cotta; creme praline with calvados; pastry cream praline with milk chocolate; apple "ministrone" with calvados for decoration.

Buche de Noel "Maya"

Composition: chocolate flourless sponge cake; mousse with caramelized pineapple, ginger and pepper; mousse of viburnum and honey; jelly with chokeberry; mousse with bitter chocolate Tanzanie 75% Cacao Barry and spicy cocktail of the Mayans; mousse with milk caramelized chocolate Cacao Barry. For decor: spicy short pastry and mirror glaze.

Buche de Noel "Bolo de rolo"

chocolate-orange bisquit without flour; orange-vanilla panna cotta; chocolate mousse with Tonka bean; tradition Brazilian dessert "bolo de rolo" with strawberry-passion fruit confiture. 

Individual cake "Christmas"

sponge cake "5 spices" with orange confiture; cranberry jelly with mulled wine; orange-lemon mousse, chocolate decoration.

Entremet "Cepages". 

Composition: base with reconstructed linzer pate sable and chocolate sponge cake; mousse with persimmon and Sage; jelly with grapes, blackberry and Creme de cassis; black currant sponge cake "daquoise".

Individual cake "White forest".

 Composition: lemon sponge cake; cherri confit; lemon mousse; meringue and macarons for decorations.

Individual cake "Forest Fairy".

 Composition: caramel cake with Grand Marnier soaking syrup; caramel cream; caramelized pears with thyme, ginger, red orange and Grand Marnier.

Individual cake "Ode to Cocoa". 

Composition: chocolate pate sablee with the cacao powder Plein Arome Cacao Barry; brownie with three type of chocolate Dark Chocolate Tanzanie 75% Cacao Barry, Milk Chocolate Lactee Caramel 31% Cacao Barry, Zephyr White Chocolate Cacao Barry 34%; tipioca with coconut flavors and lemongrass; mousse with Zephyr Caramel 35% Cacao Barry with the spices and chili pepper. Covering with the Zephyr White Chocolate Cacao Barry 34%.

Individual cake "Tonka and Pabana". 

Composition: chocolate sponge cake with candied fruit; compote Pabana (RaviFruit mix passion fruit, banana, mango) with candied fruit; Namelaka with Tonka beans; Whipped ganache with caramelized white chocolate; glacage Pabana.

Berries roll.

Berries roll with light white chocolate and mascarpone cream

Hazelnut roll.

Hazelnut roll cake with two chocolates, caramel center and Baileys liqueur.


Price 650$
The video broadcast will be available for 30 days after the course.

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