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Целых 6 курсов Андрея Канакина - узнать подробности
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Price 700$ 

Schedule: 26-28 november 18:00 pm to 23:00 pm Moscow
(time zone GTM+3 Moscow, Russia)


Course description:

For the first time in our PASTRY.PRO Confectionery Laboratory School, a master class will be held, which has no analogues yet: two professional chefs Nina Tarasova and Vladislav Panchenko have combined two courses in one to present you with a unique program: "Tandem of Viennoiserie, jams and spreads".

An in-depth course about puff pastry, brioches, cakes, biscuits and jams. In this program, each element complements each other and is an ideal composition for flavor combinations and part of many desserts.


After the course you will receive the 3 days access for recorded video.
Also PDF Certificate (during registration please write your full name that you would like to have on your certificate).

The program of the course:

Nina's Preview


1. Classic croissant
2. Cruffin with chocolate and home made condensed milk.
3. Pain au chocolate (Chocolate croissant with home made gianduja)
4. Chausson aux pommes with caramelized apples jam and citrus liqueur .
5. Chausson with pastry cream and berry fruit thermo jelly.
6. Puff pastry brioche with mascarpone pastry cream and raspberry.
7. Puff pastry brioche with berry jam
8. Puff pastry Danish with pastry cream and raisin soaked in rhum.
9. Brioche Royal with homemade candied orange
10. Brioche "Babka" with home made Nutella and chocolate chunks
11. Kouglof with raisin soaked in rhum, candied orange and almond slices.

12. Lemon Madeleines
13. Gluten free peanut-chocolate cake with salted chocolate-caramel spread.
14. Chocolate-raspberry cake.
15. Citrus cake with coconut Dacquoise and apricot-mango jam.
16. Sesame cake with mango-passion fruit jelly and home made gianduja.

17. Cookie with spices and pineapple jam
Jams and spreads (We will use them as independent product and also we will use them in combination
with viennoiseries) :


  • 1. Raspberry jam
  • 2. Caramelized apple jam with vanilla and citrus liqueur
  • 3. Berry jam
  • 4. Jam with raspberry-figs-honey and ginger
  • 5. Pineapple-lime jam
  • 6. Apricot-mango jam
  • 7. 4 citrus jam
  • 8. Home made condensed milk
  • 9. Coconut spread
  • 10. Home made gianduja
  • 11. Chocolate-caramel spread
  • 12. Hazelnut and soft caramel spread
  • 13. Home made Nutella

Candied fruits:

1. Candied orange

Fruit jelly (Pate de fruit):

1. Berry jelly for baking
2. Mango-passion fruit
3. Apple-fennel-mint
4. Cherry

Vladislav's Preview

During this course you will learn:

- We will tell you all the subtleties and work with different types of puff pastry and the rules for dough lamination; we will analyze and work with different types of brioche dough and cake textures.
- We will tell and show the difference in dough kneading and how it affects the final result.
- Gain in-depth theoretical knowledge of flour, yeast, butter and other ingredients that play an important role in dough making.
- We will teach you how to combine recipes, as this course is a unique "transformer" that allows you to create hundreds of variations on the existing base;
- We will analyze the most common mistakes when working with different types of dough.
- We will tell and show you how to achieve perfect textures for your puffs and brioches, as well as how to "feel" the dough.
- We will tell and show you the correct technology for making jams based on recipes from the course.
- We will analyze 2 technologies for making confiture. We will cook confiture with natural pectin from lemons, as well as confiture using additional pectin.
- We will learn about pectins, what is their difference, and what kind of pectin to choose for jam, and which one for fruit jelly.
- Learn to work correctly with a refractometer and a PH meter.
- We will make our own chocolate-nut spread using stone grinder.
- We will make our own candied fruits from orange, and we will analyze the technology that is suitable for any other fruit.

All this and much more only on the course "Tandem of viennoiserie and jams".


Price 700$
The video broadcast will be available for 5 days after the course.

You can view the material from any device